My name is Johanna and I’m a 23 year old Digital Designer based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Since you’re here – I hope you’ve enjoyed my work and that it has created an interest with you to find out more of what I can offer your team or project.

I’m currently studying Digital Design at YRGO Vocational university in Gothenburg. My strengths are to convert the customer’s thoughts and needs into design, pitch ideas through presentation skills and I don’t leave any details to chance.

I seek to create products that exceed the customer’s expectations, and I strive to create products which achieve a seamless interaction between the digital world and user. At the same time I’m aware of that design isn’t only ”creative and beautiful” – design may also involve a big responsibility in relation to ethical aspects.

I’m super excited about what design and future technology can achieve (sci-fi will probably become reality one day) – so I’ll stay open minded, get inspired and keep on learning. Let’s create future together!